With all the crazy weather causing power outages to our neighbors south of us, I have been seeing so many posts of how to charge your phone if your electricity goes out.

First of all, let me tell you this: It will be an awful day for me if my battery dies and there is nowhere for me to plug my phone in.

In an emergency situation, I am usually a pretty calm person. I like to think that I can keep my head together if tensions begin to mount. But, if I don't have internet service, it is not going to be pretty — I am just sayin'!

With that being said, I read a few articles and watched a video on how to charge a cell phone without electricity. So, I decided to make my own video and try it on my own. After I tried it, I read a few more articles that said, "Don't try this at home!" and "You will fry your phone if you do this." Thankfully, I had to use my phone to film the video so I used a friend's phone to test this. Sorry, Sarah.

No iPhones were harmed in the making of this video, but I can't tell you that it won't kill yours, so, I don't know, maybe don't try this and just watch the video:

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