Well, my friends, here we go again. It seems that every year at this time people start to freak out at the thought of snow. Almost like they are shocked it will happen. But guess what? It will happen...because we live up here in the crazy northeast. So, zip up your parka, throw on those boots and get your shovel ready.

What does the Farmer's Almanac say? The long range weather forecast is calling for a significant storm next week, December 12-15. Yes, NEXT WEEK! So, I suggest going to the store now and stocking up. Which brings me to another thing I never understood Granted, years ago, entire towns were shut down for days if there was a blizzard. But, we are not talking about a hurricane. How long are stores ever really closed when there is a snowy weather event?

Here is a look at the major snow predictions from our beloved Farmer's Almanac for the the season:

  • December 12-15 lots and lots of snow
  • December 20-23 it's gonna snow
  • December 28-31 heavy wet snow, sleet & just for fun, some gusty winds
  • January 4-7 aaaand another significant snow storm
  • January 20-23 plow-worthy snow of at least a half a foot

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