A film about the notorious amusement park in Vernon, NJ is headed to televisions in August.

Class Action Park is a feature-length documentary that chronicles this history and legend of Action Park. The notorious amusement park opened in 1978. Known for its dangerous rides, like a water slide featuring a bone-breaking loop, the park has been blamed for countless injuries and the deaths of six parkgoers.

Action Park eventually closed in 1996 and was eventually transformed into Mountain Creek. But even after all these years, the notorious amusement park's memory is still very much alive. Those who visited Action Park can confirm just how dangerous the rides were, and now their stories are finally ready to be told.

The documentary was announced in September when its trailer was officially released on YouTube.

After months with no information on a release date, filmmakers have confirmed on their YouTube channel that the film will be available exclusively on HBO MAX. The announcement simply says "COMING IN AUGUST TO HBO MAX!" It's still unclear what exact date the film will debut on HBO's new streaming service.

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