How many times have you played the lottery and came up empty handed? Seems like just about every time, right? Well, you won't believe what happened to one Torrington man.

His name is  John Smedick Jr. and on June 29, he did what he usually does, and that's play the Cash 5 Lotto. However, this day would be very different from all the other days that John played.

According to, John purchased a Cash 5 ticket in the morning, then later in the day, he couldn't remember if he played or not, so he bought another ticket.

Later that night, his daughter went on the lottery website and saw there were two Cash 5 winners for that day, and yes, you guessed it, both tickets were John's — each was good for $100,000 dollars.

The numbers on John’s ticket were a perfect match to the winning numbers drawn on June 29: 5-19-27-30-35. John says "it was the best mistake I ever made". Thanks to his memory lapse, John is now $200,000 dollars richer.

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