It’s tough to find things we can all agree on these days, but ice cream should be one of those things.

We are blessed with some amazing ice creameries here in the Nutmeg state. Many people agree that Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown is the go-to mid-summer spot when it comes to ice cream shops, but places it at the very top of the list and names it the best in the state.

They recently compiled a list of the best in every state (that’s some yummy research work). It turns out that the Ferris family has been farming in Newtown dating all the way back to 1703, as they have been connected to the farmland where the ice cream is made for generations.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this ice cream stop is the relaxation it offers with an open invite to chill on the farm. Their website says:

Come and relax in the heart of our picturesque farm. While you enjoy your ice cream, you can watch the cows grazing nearby.

Many of the flavors are made from old family recipes, and the selection seems endless. It may be worth investigating (for research purposes only of course). They are located on Route 302 in Newtown if you'd like to do some investigating as well.

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