The latest high profile Connecticut resident and Congresswoman, Jahana Hayes, has just tested positive for COVID-19, and will go into 14 day quarantine.

On Saturday, Congresswoman Jahana Hayes was notified that one of her staff members had tested positive for COVID-19, so she did just what she was suppose to, she immediately went into quarantine, then as an added pre-caution, she got a COVID test herself.

When the test came back positive, she took to Twitter to let everyone know what was going on.

So how's she feeling? According to, the Congresswoman said she was asymptomatic, except for breathing issues, which are being monitored.

On a post from her website, Jahana had said on Saturday that she had been in close contact with one of her staffers who had already tested positive for the virus, and was told that she and all of her staff at both her Connecticut and Washington D.C. offices were to start a 14 day quarantine, and were to also get tested. also reported that she commented about the perception of the public regarding testing government workers isn't what it seems.

Contrary to popular belief, members of Congress do not get tested regularly. In fact we are not mass tested at all in D.C. Masks, social distancing and frequent floor cleanings are the precautions that are taken in the House. I have taken every possible precaution and still contracted the coronavirus.

Hayes has represented Connecticut's 5th congressional district since being elected to the seat in 2018. Danbury, Waterbury, and New Britain are some of the towns she represents in the area.

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