When you think of where some of the best cheeses come from, you might think of Wisconsin, Vermont, even Switzerland or France, but would you believe we have one of the best cheese makers in the world right here in our area.

Arethusa Farm in Bantam took the top spot in its category, "Best Blue Cheese", and won the title of Best Cheese in the World at the 2018 World Championship Cheese contest in Wisconsin.

According to registercitizen.com, Arethusa Farm also picked up two other wins at the renowned competitiion. Its Camembert took fourth place in its category, and their Tapping Reeve cheese took sixth place in the natural rind cheddar category.

Cheesemakers from 26 countries made the pilgrimage to Wisconsin and over the course of three days, they showcased their products to an international team of 55 judges, whose main responsibility is to find the world's best cheese.

Now this may sound a little cheesy, but I admire these judges responsible for crowning the cheese champs. I don't think I'd be any gouda at that.

If you're as into the cheese scene as you should be, take a tour of the Connecticut Cheese Trail with this interactive map

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