Do you want to get away from it all? Live off the land? Hunt, and take your energy from natural resources? According to the Daily Mail, Connecticut has one of the best places in this country to live off-grid.

Daily Mail has just released their list of The Seven Best Places in America to Live Off-Grid, and Litchfield County, Connecticut is named alongside Wasco County, Oregon, Hot Springs County, Arkansas, Meriwether County, Georgia, Bienville Parish, Louisiana, Somerset County, Maine, and Lake County, Michigan. According to DailyMail -

"Off-grid property lovers based in the Northeast can live in the rural - but large - Litchfield County in Connecticut. Incorporated in the 1700's, its founders quickly cleared land for pastures and farming.  Today the county's rolling hills, forest, and fresh water access are just three reasons why this Connecticut area is a great place for off-grid living for it's 185,000 residents."

It makes sense, compared to the rest of Connecticut Litchfield County residents have maintained their abundant ratio of residential, palatial properties, and fiercely conserved their open land vs public use of land for commercial ventures.

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Where are you going to run into hikers in Connecticut? Everywhere, but especially in the Northwest corner and Litchfield County. The Appalachian Trail hikers aren't just testing their determination and will, they're looking for a great spot to lay down roots. There are no major highways in Litchfield County, sorry Rt. 8 and Rt. 7, you are not 84 and 91, no matter how hard you try on a Friday afternoon.

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