For a long time, I have always said that my door is always open. However, since we have had had new offices built here at the radio station I have been rethinking that.

As I was getting things that I needed for my new office, I wanted to make sure that I really thought about this new space and planned accordingly. Since I have had a year and a half to think about it, and I know the day to day routine, I have had the greatest gift bestowed upon me. It is my self-closing door. Watch the video below to see the policy in action.

Since it was installed, it inspired me to write, what I think, will be the most brilliant office practice and will probably be adopted by all the top 500 companies and beyond. I have kept the guidelines very simple and should be adaptable to any business. I call it:

Linda G's Closed Door Policy

  1. Knock
  2. Wait for the invitation to open the door
  3. Open door
  4. State the reason of your visit by the time the door closes

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