Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog which I had no idea would get the attention that it got. In my mind, I have always felt that we're all supposed to be in this world together. What matters to me is the type of person you are, not who you love or how you live your life.

I wrote about Bethel Middle School students Hailey Gesler and Marcella Antunes, who were given an assignment from their English Language Arts teacher. The focus of the assignment was to be about something that affects today's society. The girls chose to write about LGBTQ rights and set out to organize a parade for their hometown. They want to make the town of Bethel a welcoming community of support.

These pretty amazing 12-year-old girls have not let any negativity foil their efforts and have moved forward to organize what will be a truly eventful day.

So far, these are the updates on the parade:

  • Sunday, April 23rd from 1-3pm
  • The parade starts at Main Street by the church and end at the municipal center in downtown Bethel.
  • Live DJ
  • Suprise musician performing a special song for this event
  • Rita's Ice Cream will be on site selling ice cream, custard
  • Food vendors
  • Guest speakers

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