The Big Mac is 50 years old. As much as we all say that we try to steer clear of fast food, you know you love the Big Mac! Admit it — go ahead, I'll wait.


Don't you feel better now? Here's what I propose: Just for one day, in honor of this great American icon, let's change the Hat City's name to Mac City. Hey, bare with me, it's not unheard of. Apparently, Pittsburgh honored the Big Mac's 25th birthday by calling itself "Big Mac USA" for one whole day back in '92.

Some may remember when Big Mac was born? A big beautiful sandwich swaddled in its sesame seed bun. Was the world ready for the not so terrible twos of its all beef patties? Those awkward teenage years, trying to make sense of its special sauce. Growing into its own and waving that lettuce and cheese flag high. So tall and so proud of its pickles and onions.

Yes, my friend, we love the Big Mac. I'm sure that with the millions of Big Macs sold every year that the city of Danbury has contributed to those impressive numbers. Yet this part of our lives, this figure that has always been there, just waiting for someone to roll through a drive through and say, "Can I have a number one, please?" has never asked for a thing. It doesn't even want a birthday present. Let's show it the respect it deserves, let's rename Danbury for just one day.

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