Celebrities must love Connecticut, it's easy enough to carry on with life among us in your hats and sunglasses, there are no paparazzi. Yet Connecticut sucks because it's small enough that when a famous person buys property here, it makes the news.

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I just found out that tv and movie star Jensen Ackles has dropped down over $9 million bucks on a mansion in Southport, right next to Sasco Beach. If you live near there, please let my wife know if you see Jensen driving 'Baby', his character Dean Winchester's prized 1967 Chevy Impala on all 15 seasons of The WB & The CW's Supernatural.

According to ctpost.com, Ackles and his wife (Sorry ladies) purchased the mansion on Sasco Hill Road in Southport for $9.375 million dollars last month. A bargain considering the property had been listed previously for 14 million. The mansion sits on 3 acres, with 30 rooms across 4 floors, has 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms inside it's 18,000 square feet, and features an elevator, safe room, game room, library, movie theater, and grand ballroom.

Welcome to Connecticut Mr & Mrs.Ackles, congratulations on purchasing such a historic home. I'm sure that you'll love the incredible views of Long Island Sound and the distant glow of the NYC skyline. Mr. Ackles, my wife thoroughly enjoyed watching your work on Supernatural, and we both loved your work on The Boys. Your tv father from Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, lives nearby in the Hudson Valley, and lately there have been some strange occurences in the greater Danbury area that need your expertise. Would you please fire up Baby and take the ride up RT. 25?

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