If you've ever gone up to the XL Center, Bushnell, Xfinity Theater, or Rentschler Field for a concert or event in the greater Hartford area, you've probably been seduced at some point by the bright red and gold "DINER 24 HOURS" sign of the Goldroc Diner. It's right off of Exit 44 of I-84 Westbound. A bright beacon in the dark night, calling out to all of us who are dehydrated, hungry, and weak from screaming along to our favorite songs.

We always debated between Goldroc and the Denny's in Southington on the way back home to Waterbury. Goldroc won out usually, they were a great greasy spoon at 12:30 AM. I say were, because the Goldroc is no more, yet another victim of the pandemic.

According to We-Ha.com, Goldroc Diner is permanently shut down. The property has a new owner and there is some good news. The new owner reportedly will renovate the place and keep the legacy of that late stop alive by turning it into a 24 hour IHOP location. There is no timeline set for the conversion yet, I'm sure there are a lot of delays in the supply chain of any product lately.

So, in the meantime, if you are planning on raging out at any of the upcoming events like Dead & Company, Farm Aid 2021, Korn, or UConn football games at the Rent and you feel the need for some Disco Fries and a stack of pancakes afterwards, might I suggest the Denny's off Exit 32 of I-84 in Southington, or if you can make it all the way back to Western CT, the Blue Colony Diner in Newtown off of Exit 10 on I-84 are both good choices.

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