They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, then we're serving up a remedy of yuks that will definitely cure what ails you. It's Round one of the Kicks 105.5 Fall Joke-Off.

If you've never seen a "Joke-Off" before, it's where we pull unseen, random and extremely lame jokes and read them to each other. If you laugh then the other person gets a point. The first person to get to three points wins.

Round one pits the always funny and all around nice guy, Mr. Morning, against the lady who claims to have only laughed once in her life, and that's when she saw Mr. Morning's face for the first time, the lovely Linda G. Let's see what happens as we do the first Kicks 105.5 Fall Joke-Off:

Watch Mr. Morning & Linda G. Try and Set a "Yeah" Record with Joe Nichols :

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