If you see a mom doing something you think is wrong do you say something? One Hudson Valley woman did and some think she should mind her own business.

Inspiration for "content" often comes from a million different places every day and many times personal friends of mine find themselves in a situation that they share with me that leaves me scratching my head.


Speakers are NO Place for Kids

A Facebook friend of mine posted a situation she found herself in the other night that interested me because I've seen it happen many times. She wrote,

"What the f&%# is with young mother's today? I'm out listening and dancing to music and this girl has her 12-month-old baby in front of the speakers...I am not exaggerating...the music is so loud!! Poor baby"

She went on to tell me that she did say something to the woman in front of the speakers, something along the lines of, "do know how bad this loud music is for your baby?" The woman just gave her a blank stare and rolled her eyes. She then told me that she walked away and "2 hours later she was still standing in front of the blaring speaker!!! Shame on you!!! Poor baby..."

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Working as a DJ for many years I have seen this happen a bunch of times and anytime I see it I always make some sort of distraction around the person standing in from of the speaker to make them move. Often time I will walk over to the speaker and make it look like something is wrong with it so they move away...LOL, I understand that this lady couldn't do what I normally do but do you think she was a jerk for saying something to the woman?

Is this a case of "mind your own business" or would you have said something to her? Let us know by sending a message through the Wolf country app or emailing CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM If you ever have a situation you'd like us to bring up you can use my email to send me a message. Who knows, maybe we can help you out one day...LOL!

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