Sometimes the most minor things can lead to an "explosive" argument between a husband and wife.

If you happen to be in a relationship you already know that there's a long list of things that can cause arguments between you and your significant other. Money, family, jobs, the list can go on and on, but I can guarantee that this argument starter between a Hudson Valley couple is most likely not on your list of things to argue about.

Love is in the air for some with Valentine's Day right around the corner but for one Hopewell Junction couple, they need to finish a recent argument before they can celebrate...LOL!


"No Cutsies"

Larry shared with us something that happened last weekend between him and his wife that he's hoping the Hudson Valley might be able to help him with. He wrote,

"Hey Cj and Jess I've heard you guys talk about "jerk" stories before and never thought I would ever have to write in to see if I was a jerk or not, but here I am. Last weekend me and the wife attended an event with a dinner buffet. When the venue opened it for everyone to get in line (over 200 people) I tell her I'm gonna get some food. So I get up and grab a spot in line to eat. She nods at me and continues talking with some friends. After I waited like 10 minutes in line, I'm just about to get to the table when she comes strolling over to me and goes to go in front. I stopped her and pointed to the back of the line and say, the line starts there, no cutsies. She looks at me like "ha ha very funny" and keeps coming my way. I say nope, I can't let you cut in front of all of these other people. She went to the back of the line, waited and when she got back to the table she blew a gasket. Was I a jerk for not letting her come in line with me?"

Is He a Jerk?

WHEW!! I hate to say it but I do think making her go to the back of the line might have been a jerk move. I do understand where Larry was coming from and do think that someone on the line might have gotten mad that he let her in front of him but it's YOUR WIFE!! I come from the world of, "happy wife, happy life".

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What do you think? Was it a jerk move to not let his wife in from of him? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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