Jason Aldean dressed as rocker Axl Rose for Halloween, but his wife Brittany once again proved she's the queen of the holiday — the Egyptian queen.

No, there's no logical reason an Egyptian woman would be hanging on the Guns N' Roses singer (a pregnant Egyptian woman, at that) but it's rock and roll, and we kind of like it. Mrs. Aldean (legally she's Mrs. Williams, but whatevs) once again proves her near-Hollywood level makeup cred here. And once again she dives deep into the creepy contact lens aisle of her local costume store. She's been at it for years!

Aldean's baby boy is due in December, but Memphis' presence is more than noticeable in Brittany's black, body-hugging costume. Props to her for finding an eye-catching Halloween costume in the maternity section. This is 100 times better than dressing as a big pumpkin!

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One of the year's best kid costumes involves the "They Don't Know" singer. Two young fans watched as their costume photo went viral. The boys dressed as Aldean and Luke Bryan for Halloween, with the picture of the mini singers getting shared 175K times since last Thursday (Oct. 26).

Carrie Underwood also shared a Halloween picture that's grabbing everyone's attention. She dressed as a deer and husband Mike Fisher a hunter for a tongue-in-cheek photo opp that recalls their opposing views on hunting.

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