Can you believe there was a point in time this winter when we thought we wouldn't get any snow? Now, we're really eating our words.

Hudson Valley Gets Pummeled With Snow

On Monday night, March 13th, the rain overnight quickly changed to snow. Thankfully, we were ahead of the game and knew that we were expecting anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow.

Some parts of the Upper Hudson Valley, think Ulster, Green, and the Catskills, are expected to have almost 2 feet of snow.


Cornwall Superintendent Wishes Students a 'Happy Snow Day'

So of course, the snow day announcements rolled in rather quickly. Thankfully, breaking up the monotony of those announcements was Cornwall Central School Districts Superintendent Terry J. Dade.

If you've been following along, Dade has performed his snow closings announcements for the last few years catching the attention of not only Cornwall students but Hudson Valley residents from all over the area.

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Including myself, a thirty-something with no children in school. Every time snow pops up in the forecast I put on my Twitter alerts on for Superintendent Dade. This week Dade channeled Stevie Wonder and the classic "Happy Birthday To Ya" and of course changed the lyrics to fit with the snow day theme. He even throws in a little piano!

Watch the performance below:

Snow Day Announcement Fun

In the past Dade has performed songs by Guns N' Roses, NSYNC,  and Vanilla Ice. The most recent performance of Montelle Jordan's This is How We Do it, remixed to This is How We Snow Day.

We have to give it to him, Superintendent Dade has great taste in music!

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As much as we love these performances, I think we're good with the snow for the rest of the season. Hopefully, Superintendent Dade's next performance will be in December.

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