The photo above shows what could happen if you don't bother cleaning off your vehicle of all snow and ice before pulling out of your driveway.

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According to the Wolcott Police Department, this Honda Civic was traveling northbound on Wolcott Road when a huge chunk of ice blew off the top of a box truck heading southbound and demolished the Civic's windshield cutting up the driver's face.

Wolcott Police announced that they have been trying to track down the box truck and the driver's identity. Remember, it's a Motor Vehicle Violation if you end up being a traveling blizzard once you hit the road. If you fail to brush off your car of ice and snow before you hit the highway, you could be subject to a $75 fine.

Wolcott Police Department

But wait, there's more. If the snow or ice flying off your vehicle causes personal injury or property damage to another driver, you could be subject to a fine no less than $200 but not more than $1,000 for each offense.

If a commercial vehicle causes personal injury or property damage to another vehicle because of ice and snow, the fine is no less than $500 and no more than $1,200. I think you get the point.

Wolcott Police Department

For example, most of us have experienced passing a tractor-trailer rig on a major highway during pouring rain. All of a sudden, your windshield is covered with rain splatter and you're driving blind for five seconds. That alone is freakin' scary, so imagine what it's like having a chunk of ice attacking your windshield! So please, clean off your vehicle before you hurt someone.

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