Hey look at that, New England, it's freakin' snowing. How about that? It's the end of January and there is actually frozen precipitation falling from the sky. What are the odds of that?

Yeah, the odds are pretty much in favor of that very thing. So that got me to thinking (there I go again), why is it such a "thing"? Just like that George Carlin bit about "weather events". There's an extra word there, no need for it, weather is enough but it sounds more important when we add the word "event".

This morning, as the first flakes were falling, my friend Nancy texted me her latest adorable adventure with her new kittens. But then, things got intense:

Uh oh, things are getting heated -Linda G

 and then I got this:

I told you!

It just so happens that just last week I wrote about surviving a Zombie Apocalypse and compared it to dealing with a snowstorm. I knew I wasn't the only one who saw it this way. In fact, Nancy and I see a lot of things the same way. So if you see me in a store tonight after my air shift GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Oh, and speaking of the Zombie blog, you can click below and make your own comparisons. Stay safe!


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