Yesterday, (April 27) was a bad day in Bristol.

It was a Wednesday where nearly 100 on and off camera ESPN employees lost their jobs. The bad news broke in the morning here in Connecticut and the ripple effect has begun.

Corporate bad Karma has begun as well, as word is getting out exactly how the firings took place. Now, the company is being called, "Cold as Ice” and “F-----g horrible” by its exiting staffers, according to Sports Illustrated.

SI also details exactly how the layoffs went down:

Staffers were informed via telephone by management that they were losing their jobs. The management read prepared statements… [and] there were HR people on speakerphones listening in.

Some were big names and some were unknowns that were let go. It doesn't seem to matter. Personally, I can't believe Disney didn’t have the wherewithal to speak to people face to face regarding this reduction in force. We all understand why they did it, of course, because subscriber dollars are down, but common courtesy and dignity will always prevail.

Geez, Louise! The way they conducted themselves here in Connecticut today was shameful.

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