For the past month, the entire city of Danbury has been in suspense as the McDonald's on Padanaram Rd. has been undergoing renovations. Now, Mr. Morning is there just in time to unveil the future of fast food.

McDonald's announced last summer that it would roll out digital self-order kiosks and table service in all of its 14,000 U.S. stores. Now customers will be able to order at touch screens and then take a number which will allow employees to serve them at their tables.

According to, the CEO of McDonald's Steve Easterbrook has set his sights on the customer:

For the best part of our 60 years we’ve asked customers to fit around our business model. Now the company is adapting its business to fit around customers.

We are putting more choice and control in the hands of customers, the changes will impact how our patrons order, what they order, how they pay, and—most significantly—how they’re served. This is not being a different McDonald’s, but a better McDonald’s.

So how does the new kiosk system work? We stopped by the McDonald's on Padanaram Road to give the future of fast food a test drive. Take a look:

The new system has been up and running at this McDonald's since last Wednesday, and took about a month for it to be installed.

What's next for McDonald's? well according to Easterbrook, next year customers will also be able to order and pay on the company’s mobile app, which has 16 million downloads.

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