North Salem, NY is a picturesque town in Westchester County, NY. The East town line is the border of Connecticut, and the North town line is the border of Putnam County.

Just off to the side of Titicus Road in North Salem is a rock that weighs an estimated 60 tons. The Giant chunk of granite is called Balanced Rock and some believe it's responsible for a rash of UFO sightings in the 1980s.

In the 1980s, there were more than 5,000 reported UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley Region of NY and the border towns and cities of CT. Ancient Alien theorists believe that Balanced Rock created an energy or a vortex that drew them in.

Surrounding towns like Brewster, NY have structures that mainstream historians insist were "root shelters" built by farmers. Ancient Alien theorists believe that these structures have celestial alignments that would indicate otherwise. Instead they say these megalithic huts have an unmistakable construction style, that of the Druids.

These theorists believe The Druids made it to America long before Christopher Columbus and built these sites. They think the structures had power that acted in conjunction with and as accessory to Balanced Rock. Is Balanced Rock an energy source that drew UFO's to the region?

These are some of the many theories/questions that were raised in a recent episode of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. The episode titled: "The Druid Connection" tells tales of supposed Druid sites with potential extraterrestrial connections and keys in on Balanced Rock as its center of energy. The episode also raises similar questions and theories about Tarrytown, NY, Waterbury,CT and Milford, CT.

I saw a UFO in the 1980s in Putnam County. It was 1987, I was eight years old and alone in the car with my mother. We were driving down Putnam Lake Road when my mother pulled the car to the side of the road.

She had a look of amazement on her face. It was right around dusk and she got out of the car, I got out with her, my eyes followed hers to the sky above. What we saw was an enormous V-shaped craft slowly, quietly cruising across a clear sky. The bottom was illuminated with perfectly round, evenly spaced white lights. Between the lights, the surface was metallic and reflective.

I know what we saw and we were not alone. We were part of a huge number of people who saw these things all throughout the Hudson Valley. 5,000+ reports from witnesses during a six-year period in the 1980s and still, many people want to write that off? You can't wish that away, you can't tell all those people they are crazy.

Here's why I know this epidemic was real -- my mother never reported what we saw. How many others saw these and never said a word? The number of people who actually saw these things could be in the hundreds of thousands. That experience never left me -- I've been looking up at the sky wondering ever since.

I joke about my experience and we laugh about it on my radio show. I have a balloon alien in the radio studio, I watch TV shows about UFOs/aliens that, I know, share information that is either shoddy or just flat made up. I read crazy articles in the darkest corners of the internet, I watch alien movies and quote them when talking about the subject. I do everything that you should not do if you want people to take your story seriously.

I do all of that because I find it entertaining and frankly, I could give a damn if people believe me. I know what I saw, I know the infancy of space makes life outside of our own, a mathematical certainty. In private, I take this subject very seriously.

There is more and not because people like me, want to believe it. Having belief that someone else is out there is the more reasonable, logical answer. To suggest that Earth and humans are it, that we, are all there is, that is the crazy answer. Go outside and look up at the night sky tonight. Stay there for a few minutes and really take it in. After that, if you still think human beings and Earth are all there is, lose my number.

P.S. We had fun with the subjects of Balanced Rock, The Druids, the Stone temples and the eye witness UFO accounts of our listeners this morning. It went something like this:

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