If you've ever been invited to one, you might think so just like this woman.

Sometimes in life you may come across an issue, or problem in life that your not sure where to turn for some advice, or where to turn to just vent and get it off your chest. The place to turn when all else fails is us!

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we open up a few emails from fans of the show looking for some help. After reading a few, we pick one out to try and help that person on the air.

This week we're going to try and help Carly, who is experiencing a bit of wedding guest drama. Here is what she sent to us,

"My friends are getting married on July 3rd. I moved out of the Hudson Valley about a year ago, so now I have to come back for their wedding. And because I’m a good friend (but not good enough to be in the wedding party) I need to be there, and I have to be there all-day Saturday and stay overnight at a hotel. That means I can’t go camping or hiking, or do anything fun when I visit July 4th weekend. It’s the first time I’m coming back since moving. There’s no way to get out of going to this wedding, I guess I’m just annoyed. The happy couple thinks it's great! The way they see it, now people will have something fun and exciting to do July 4th weekend. Am I a B-word, or is it rude to hold a wedding over a holiday weekend? -Carly"

What do you guys think? Is it rude or is she being a B...? Honestly I think most people that plan a wedding on a holiday weekend do it with their guests in mind. I think they think its easier for guest to plan around a long weekend instead of a regular weekend. Am I wrong?

If you have any advice for Carly, please call or text us through the Wolf app.

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