Planning on getting married in the fall? We found some amazing places to have your wedding.

If you are recently engaged, congratulations, and welcome to the fun part of getting married...LOL!


The Wedding Planning...

If you and your fiance have decided that you are going to hold your wedding reception in the Hudson Valley, let me be the first to say, you have made the right decision!! Now if you haven't picked the time of year you like to exchange your "I do's" just yet, have you thought about having it in the fall?

I know, probably a dumb question as throughout the last few years fall weddings in the Hudson Valley have exploded in popularity. I've been in the wedding industry for almost 30 years and can remember June, July, and August as always being the most popular months for weddings. Not today!


Fall Weddings are the Most Popular

When you think about it, a fall wedding in the Hudson Valley is almost a no-brainer. A fall wedding reception will most likely provide you and your guests with cooler temperatures, which means no sweating...LOL! Fall is also absolutely the most gorgeous time of the year in the Hudson Valley.

If you time it right, the leaves changing colors can make for some amazing pictures that you and your significant other will get to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

If you have made the decision to have your wedding in September, October, or early November, here are 12 of the Hudson Valley's best places to hold the reception of your dreams.

No matter what place you choose, I hope that some of the venues listed below will help in making that choice for you and your fiance a little easier.

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12 of the best Hudson Valley fall wedding venues.

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