There was a time when being on social media was a happy and fun experience. Now, people are getting mad and angry and taking things a little too far.

Have you noticed that when you go on Facebook everyone seems to have an opinion, and sometimes people can be downright mean? Since the election season started, it's been a nightmare.

Now, I'm all for Freedom of Speech, and I realize everyone has their own opinion, but when you start attacking people who are suppose to be your "friends" just for posting something they believe in, well, then, you've gone too far.

Can you even actually win a social media argument?

First off, why are you arguing? Social media, especially Facebook, is suppose to be a safe haven, a peaceful place. I want to know what you've been up too, how the family's doing, how you made that great looking casserole. I'll even take that video post of your cat or dog doing something cute. You're invited to post your views, just understand other people may not see things the same way you do.

When you start to force your beliefs down everyone's throat, and attacking others for their views, it's time to back down and get a grip. Face it, everyone's a lot braver when they're behind the keyboard.

Suzy and I brought up this topic on our show, and it seems like others feel the same way:

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