When do people in Greater Danbury and the Hudson Valley shower — in the morning or at night? That was the question we asked you this morning. Suzy said in the morning, I said at night. Who's right?

There is an actual correct answer to this which I will tell you later in this post, but I never realized that this was such a complicated topic. We blew up the internet with all the answers from the Mr. Morning & Suzy Country Nation, and everyone had their own take on this.

Here's some of the answers from our Kicks 105.5 Facebook page:

As I mentioned earlier, there is actually a right answer, at least according to Dermatologists. They say it's better to shower at night because it's better for your skin to shower after you've been sweating all day, and sleep experts say it fits better with your body's natural rhythms, and will help you sleep better.

The study also found out that 61% of people shower at night, compared to 39% who shower in the morning.

So that's the official answer, but as Suzy said, "It doesn't matter when, as long as you do it sometime so I don't smell your stink during the day.

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