Come with us, if you dare, to a very scary spot. A place where creatures lurk in the darkness. An area where darkness is so light-less, that it is beyond unlighted. A dwelling that reaches the far stretches of the horror zone in your mind. An intimidating and shocking residence that...OK, maybe it really is not all that scary, but hey, there is something lurking at Hearthstone Castle in Terrywile Park in Danbury, CT. Just watch:

In this episode of The Adventures of Linda G. and Cat Rose, join us, two radio disc-jockeys who are left unsupervised to create enchanting and gripping experiences in everyday life.

This particular episode brings us to Hearthstone Castle which has long been one on Connecticut's scariest haunted places. But is it really haunted? What is actually there in the midst of Terrywile Park? Let's find out. I think you will be fascinated, just as we were.

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