The 2018 Hurricane season is underway, and experts from the National Weather Service are saying that this season could be just as bad, or worse, for the Greater Danbury, and Hudson Valley areas.

Hurricane season is just getting started, (June 1) and continues through November 30th, but already experts are predicting a very active season for our area.

According to, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is saying this season could produce anywhere between 10 to 16 named tropical storms, and the number of Hurricanes could range between five and nine. They are also predicting that between one and four of these storms could reach major status, meaning a category three or higher.

So how and when will we be affected? According to, the mix of hot and humid weather will escalate through June. When the atmosphere become unsettled things become just right for "severe weather". We just saw that recently with the Tornado's and Macro-bursts that ravaged our area a few weeks ago.

Last year, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria brought havoc to the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. They also affected our area with heavy rains and high winds. Experts are saying that with the right conditions, this year's Hurricane season could have a higher impact on Greater Danbury and the Hudson Valley.

There's also the possibility of a weak El Nino developing, and if you couple that with expected near-average sea surface temperatures, you definitely increase the risk factors for us here in the Connecticut and New York region.

Of course being prepared for these storms is the key. Here's a video released by NOAA explaining what we can expect, and some tips for being ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to send our way:

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