Dutchess County assemblyman Kieran Lalor sent his four children to school on Tuesday without their masks and a note explaining why they weren't going to wear them anymore and they weren't sent home.

If you missed the story yesterday, we told you about Assemblyman Lalor posting on social media that he was sending his four kids to school without their masks on Tuesday after school districts back tracked after announcing that masks were no longer needed.

Lalor and his wife sent their kids into school Tuesday without masks carrying a note that stated that wearing a mask poses a health risk to their children, especially in the hot weather. It said, "it hurts their ability to learn, and violates their rights" according to News 12.

One of Lalor's daughters did have to show the note to the principal at her school in the Wappingers Central School District. Lalor said, "She showed him the note. The principal called me. 'You're saying there's a health issue as to why she cannot wear the mask?' I said, 'Yes, she cannot wear the mask for health and education reasons.' He said, 'OK, no problem,' and sent her on her way."

Lalor explained the note exemption in more detail on his Facebook page saying, "If a parent states in a note that their child’s health is adversely impacted by the mask, the mask must come off. There is no requirement that school officials delve into the student’s medical history. There is also no requirement that the student have an IEP or 504 or doctor’s note to benefit from an exemption."

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