"My Old Man" is the name of the first single off of Zac Brown Band's upcoming album titled, Welcome Home. I feel like this song came out just when I needed it.

My father passed away in May of 2015. I have missed him every single day since. Honestly, in his last days, I was praying that God would take him. He was so sick, such a shell of who he was, in mind and body. It broke my heart every time I saw him. I hated that extended care facility, I hated going there, I hated sitting there. Not because I was visiting but because he shouldn't be there. He deserved so much better than that. He was the best man I have ever met in my life and I still can't believe that I was lucky enough to be his daughter. I totally won the dad lottery. If you knew him, you would agree. Everyone loved him, he was just that wonderful.

Thankfully, he didn't really know where he was. Most of the time he thought he was home and that was a comfort to me.

But every time I saw him, no matter how much pain he was in and no matter how much he didn't remember or was confused about, he never forgot me and he never forgot to tell me how much he loved me. Every. Single. Time.

All I have from my dad is a pair of gloves that were his. They are in my nightstand and I cherish them. Just a pair of grey wool gloves but to me they held his hands like I wish I could do now. I do have him in my heart and I have so much that he taught me. So much of him is in me that I carry with me with every thing I do, every day of my life. I used to think that was just something that people said, but I see it, I see his smile every day in my heart. I carry his words with me, the way he did things. Just this weekend when I finished painting, staining and putting a runner down on my steps, I was looking at the finished result and my husband said, "what's wrong?" I said, "my dad would be so proud of me...but he would also tell me with that little 'why didn't you let me do it' smile that the painting could be better, and he would be right." It made me happy and sad at the same time. I wish he was still here. But, yes, in my heart, he is.

So, thank you, Zac Brown Band, I needed this song right now. It makes its debut on KICKS 105.5 this week.


My old man
I know one day we'll meet again
As he's looking down
My old man
I hope he's proud of who I am
I'm trying to fill the boot of my old man

Here's the song:

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