If you're a pet lover or pet parent, you know just how expensive having a pet can be. You also know that you'll do just about anything to make sure your pet lives a happy and healthy life.

An animal rescue in Brewster, New York, is hoping that the public will help them raise enough funds to help a rescue pup in need.

SNARR, also known as Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation, in Brewster shared the story of a rescue pup named Franklin. Sadly, Franklin has a condition called hydrocephalus that causes brain swelling. SNARR writes on social media:

this sweet little boy is the product of a backyard breeding that went wrong.. Franklin has a horrible disease called hydrocephalus. it’s the swelling of the brain. this baby did nothing wrong to deserve this. he didn’t ask to be born and especially to be born like this but he was and needs our help. Franklin needs life-saving surgery where they put a shunt in his head to stop the swelling. this surgery comes unfortunately at high price - it’s 10,000.

If you have the means to do so and would like to make a donation, there are several ways you can. Here's how you can help Franklin at SNARR:

Donations can be made on givebutter.com/donatesnarr. You can also donate via google/Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, credit card, and bank account and you can simply text “SNARR” to 53-55 to make your donations.

SNARR holds a soft spot in their hearts for dogs like Franklin who need serious medical help. The team had rescued a dog named Penny Poops, who fought hard but passed away because "medical science was not as it is today."

You can learn more about Franklin, SNARR and read Penny Poops story below:

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