In the greater Danbury area, there's absolutely no excuse for driving drunk. You and I know the police will be out in full force this Memorial Day Weekend.

There is a veritable buffet of different ride options if your holiday weekend plans include the consumption of adult beverages at a bar, restaurant, or even at a friend's party, where you need to successfully operate a machine that weighs in at around 4,000 pounds to get there.

It's very simple, DON'T DRIVE. The following are your pay-to-ride options in the greater Danbury area:

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    It's simple, all you need is your phone, download the Uber app, punch in your credit card number, and you're ready to book a ride. Yes, Uber is available in the greater Danbury area. I took my first Uber from my buddy's home in Danbury to Ridgefield on St. Patrick's Day and everything ran smoothly. To get started, go to

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    Lyft is much like Uber and is available all over the country including Danbury. Just click on and navigate the website. You're even able to find out how much your ride is going to cost before you make your decision to reserve your ride. Ride services such as Uber and Lyft will pick you up right at your door.

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    I just found out about Dryver as I was researching material for this blog. This ride service actually drives YOUR car for you. You could call it a professional designated driver service. Dryver offers three different plans.

    1. Personal Driver - The driver arrives at your home and then drives your car with you in it to your destination.
    2. Pickup Service - If you're out and can't drive home, Dryver will send one car out to where you're located with 2 drivers, one to drive you home and the other to drive your car home.
    3. Piece of Mind Plan - This plan is perfect for driver teams and events.

    To get started, click on

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    Maffei's Taxi Service

    Danbury's original taxi service is Maffei's. To book your taxi ride, call 203-792-0029.

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    Danbury Taxi Service

    In addition to a taxi ride, Danbury Taxi also provides limousine service to proms, weddings, and airport runs. For more information, call 203-731-0022.

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    Safe Rides is a non-profit organization that was originally created for individuals who needed to find a ride home because they didn't feel safe enough to drive. In 2008, expanded their service to include rides to and from different events. They offer limos, town cars, party buses, sedans, suv's, and motor coaches. The difference between SafeRides and Uber is that SafeRides is less expensive because they are still a non-profit. For more detailed information, click on or call 888-656-7233.

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