One of Ulster County's cutest places to grab a meal has announced that after 8 years in business at their current location, this weekend will be their last.

It's unfortunately become a common theme across the Hudson Valley in the last few years. Business after business going out of business due to the effect and after-effects of the pandemic. It seems that the industry that has been hit the hardest since the COVID pandemic started over two years ago is the restaurant industry.

I've lost count as to how many restaurants have had to close for good and we can now add an Ulster County restaurant to the list. Ann, the owner and operator of Kitchenette in High Falls announced on Facebook that this Sunday she will serve her last meal at the small eatery. Ann said,

"It with such great sadness that I am posting that Kitchenette will be closing its doors on Sunday, March 20th. I have had a great run for 41 years but the last 2 years have proved to be a challenge that has proven to be more than we can't overcome."

Back when COIVD first started in March of 2020, Ann and the staff at the Kitchenette were one of the first restaurants to announce that they were going to be offering take-out and delivery services for customers. Two years later, according to Ann, "with the cost of goods and lack of staff and rinsing costs of services, Kitchenette can longer survive".

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Ann brought High Falls, the Kitchenette around 8 years ago after spending many years working in the restaurant industry in New York City and did say online that the closing will not stop her from spending some time in the kitchen, "I will continue to cook and bake in some capacity. Not sure where or how yet."

When the announcement they were closing went out, the Kitchenette Facebook page was flooded with customers wishing Ann well. Comments included:

"Oh no this is so sad Ann is a wonderful person"

"So sorry to hear this! Your restaurant was a wonderful addition to the community and my family had many lovely moments in your space! Good luck and can't wait to see what comes next for you!"

Ann ended her post by saying, "Thank you to all who came and ate at Kitchenette, some of you I have known for 25 plus years from my places in the city. I hope to see you all before we close to say thank you and goodbye. Please keep supporting small businesses, their lives depend on it."

If you would like to stop by the Kitchenette for one last meal and to say goodbye to Ann, they are located at 1219 NY-213, High Falls, NY.

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