When the temperatures rise from the teens to the 50s during the Connecticut Winter, it kinda makes you drive with a little less caution, right?

Well, slow down if you're a commuter that drives through Southbury/Woodbury/Middlebury -- local law enforcement officers have been out in force over the past couple of weeks.

I take Rt. 64 (Sherman Hill Road) to work when I hear Kelly Quinn report on a crash along 84 between Waterbury and Brookfield. I've driven through three speed traps between Quassy and the bottom of the hill where 64 intersects with Rt. 6.

Typically, the officer is parked on the long straightaway between El Camion and the Classic Turf Company area. I normally peak out at about 50 MPH going through that stretch, but I've been passed countless times by people doing 55-65, even 70 MPH.

I'd imagine that the people that live in the Heritage Hill condo complex are begging local police to step up enforcement. It must be terrifying to pull out of your driveway and see a screaming vehicle flying up in your rearview.

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