Things change a lot, and to prove it, here's a look back at some of Connecticut's landmarks and industries that helped shape the state more than 50 years ago.

It was a decade of drastic change, both socially and politically. It was a time of Camelot, Vietnam, the Beatles, and a new frontier. We watched as the country took on new values, saw many new technological advances and developed a counterculture. It was an extremely turbulent time, yet a very significant time in the shaping of our country into the nation we are today.

In the photos that follow, you'll see how that same development took place in Connecticut, and set the ground work for many of the landmarks that still exists today.

A Glimpse Of Connecticut In The 1960s

Here's the video with all the sites above, and many more. It reminds me of one of those industrial films you would see in grammar school.

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