Have you ever been "Snowed in" on a Connecticut roadway? Blindsided by a blizzard while you were out getting milk and bread? I've been fascinated by the news out of Virginia today, where thousands of motorists are still stuck on the same roadway that sees daily 30 mile backups here in Connecticut - Interstate 95.

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As of me writing this, there are still reports of hundreds of vehicles snowed in on I-95 in Virginia, which got whacked by 14 inches of snow in some areas yesterday, and then the temperatures plummeted last night, re-freezing those poor travelers in place for around 24 hours now.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont just shared a post regarding the mess in Virginia on his Facebook. A Connecticut family driving back from Florida helped out during the mess by passing out their oranges to some of the fellow stranded travelers in surrounding vehicles.

I've only been stranded in snow a couple of times over the years here in Connecticut. The worst was in early 2001, when a snowstorm struck as I was leaving work in Norwalk. I made it to the Merritt Parkway, and got just past the Trumbull Mall. Traffic crawled to a dead stop because the snow was coming down harder than the plows could keep up with. I got stuck in my car for 7 hours, I didn't make it home to Waterbury until almost Midnight.

In the early 90's, I got stuck on I-84 by the Westfarms Mall in West Hartford. A serious ice storm laid down a 1/4 inch ice covering on everything, and as it changed over to snow, the roadway basically froze up around everyone's tires, creating something that I've never felt before, it was like driving over thousands of speed bumps, and you couldn't get traction everywhere. I sat in my car for around 4 hours before the DOT sanding trucks showed up to plow us out.

How about you? Have you ever been snowed on a roadway in here in Connecticut?

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