The spooky tour continues. One of the most haunted places in Connecticut is said to be Stepney Cemetery also known as Birdsey's Plain Cemetery. It's just off of Route 25 right next door to Our Lady of The Rosary Chapel and has been checking souls into the afterlife since 1794. is just one of the many sites that will tell you all about how spook-worthy this place is. Let's take a look at some of the famous spirits within its gates:

  • Nathaniel Knapp was the first person to be interred here. An American Revolutionary War Private. Apparently, he is one of the ghosts who haunt the cemetery. It is said that if you call out to him, he will touch your shoulder or pull your hair.
  • The White Lady of Easton is said to travel at night along Route 59. There are hundreds of documented sightings.
  • Demonologist and Ghost Hunter Ed Warren is another famous resident. It is said that if you pray as you sit by his grave and then touch your right hand on the cross of his grave, it turns very warm.

I can tell you that it is with the utmost respect that we visit these places. So far, we have not been lucky enough to meet any of these famous inhabitants.We did not experience any hair-pulling, shoulder touching, ghostly women gliding down Route 59 or a hot grave stone. Oh, I won't say that we didn't see an orb or two, because we did. Plus, my fellow ghost-hunting buddy, felt an overwhelming sadness that she could not explain near Ed Warren's grave. It took a hours for her to shake that feeling.


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