I love Friday the thirteenth. I also love black cats and Halloween. But, I really do not like scary things. Horror movies and clowns, you can keep them. No, thank you.

You probably know me pretty well by now. At the very least, you know that I love cats. Black cats are my absolute favorite. I was lucky enough (see what I did there?) to share my life with Betamax for almost 20 years.

The question remains, are black cats really unlucky? I will tell you that I felt really lucky to have Beta in my life. Someone who shares my love for black cats is Simon Tofield, the creator of the youtube videos "Simon's Cat". The character is based on, Hugh, one of Tofield's black cats.

Back in October, Tofield published the following video to debunk those dumb black cat superstitions. Happy Feline Friday the thirteenth. Happy Caturday. Happy Weekend. Meow =^..^=


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