Happy Feline Friday. Today we celebrate with a very special announcement. Not only is it the start of the weekend, today we honor one of my favorite cats, Maru the Scottish Fold from Japan.

I have been following him for years and so have millions of others. Obviously, I'm not the only cat crazy person. Maybe this is your silent secret guilty pleasure or maybe you have never heard of Maru so let me help you with either of those issues.

This is a cat who escapades in his pristine home in Japan will keep you coming back for more. The videos are pretty simplistic. There are no special effects or crazy tricks. But I think this is the mass appeal. He is not an ordinary cat, but no cat is ordinary. He will make you laugh a lot, he will make you say "awwwww" a lot, and he will make you wonder why you want to watch more and more of his videos.

I am so happy to announce that Maru the cat from Japan has just been named The Most Watched Animal on YouTube by the Guiness Book of World Records.

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