Investigators entered a gruesome scene this morning as they were searching through the rubble of an explosion.

According to a press release from the Connecticut State Police Department, nine officers remain hospitalized following an explosion in a barn in North Haven last night. North Haven Police, Connecticut State Police, and a SWAT team were all on hand to try and coax a man out of the home, where he allegedly barricaded himself and held his estranged wife hostage for days, according to the report. Neighbors called 911 when she escaped to their house on Wednesday afternoon (May 3) around 2:30 pm.

Although the identities of the people involved have not been released as of yet, the owners of the property have been identified as John and Deborah Sayre. Deborah is said to have filed for divorce on April 18, according to

The woman involved in the case sustained injuries and remains hospitalized, but her condition was not released as part of the investigation.

Human remains were also reportedly found in the barn after the fire was extinguished, but the identity of the body will not be released until an autopsy is completed. It is unclear whether or not John and Deborah Sayre were in the barn at the time of the blast.

Neighbors reported hearing the couple arguing loudly before the explosion. Before the blast, police told residents to avoid the area and evacuated nearby homes. One resident told reporters that the blast broke plates and windows in his home and pictures fell off of the walls.

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