I paid $16.40 to fill up the tank of my Subaru Forester yesterday. $16.40. Last year? Pffft. Last MONTH, that would have gotten us a few gallons.

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The price of gas has dropped to stupid lows in the last couple of weeks to levels we haven't seen, some of us, all of the years we've been driving.

As I was driving around Waterbury yesterday, I noticed that the gas stations that were in isolated areas still hovered in the $1.80 - $1.99 range, but in the crowded-competition areas, it's bottoming out. I took a peek at Gasbuddy.com, and found out that the Greater Waterbury area is the reigning champ as far as cheap gas right now.

Check it out, here's the top 10 cheapest places to get gas:

10 Cheapest Places To Buy Gas in Connecticut

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