British-American comedian, actor, and tv host John Oliver has had a love/hate relationship with Danbury.

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Oliver first went on a legendary rant against Danbury in August of 2020 on his brilliant HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It was really shocking at the time, what did we ever do to you John?

But Oliver's slur against the Hat City eventually turned into something great, as Oliver donated $55,000 to local charities and non-profits and personally made an appearance with former Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who named Danbury's sewer plant after him.

Geoff Jacobs-YouTube
Geoff Jacobs-YouTube

I saw this morning that Oliver has put out an offer to local car dealers, offering a free script for their next ad. Of course, there are catches: You can't read it ahead of time, and you have to sign a contract agreeing to produce the free script as-is.

I want one of the car dealers in Danbury to win this so bad. I can just picture my friends Todd and Amie Bennett doing this, they're such great sports. How about you, Danbury Auto Group? Or you, Mercedes-Benz of Danbury? I'd love to see the dry, wit-infused Danbury Kia commercial, or a funny Honda of Danbury spot. How about Car City John? Ingersoll Auto? Greentree Toyota? Colonial Subaru? They can all use some of your HBO love.

I hope that a local car dealer submits their name for this unique contest and if someone does get picked here in Connecticut, I'll offer my studio and services to the HBO crew that will produce your masterpiece. If you are a local car dealer that wants to have a commercial that is sure to grab national attention, send an e-mail to: for more details. Good luck.

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