I had such a great customer service experience in Danbury this past weekend, that it inspired me to pose this question on our social media page: Which Greater Danbury business has the best customer service?

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Before I get to your responses, here's my choice: Barbarie's Black Angus Grill on Eagle Road in Danbury. Mrs. Large and I stopped in and had such a wonderful experience this past Saturday evening. The level of attention to every aspect of a perfect meal is astounding at Barbarie's Black Angus every single time. It's beautiful to see a very busy restaurant in full motion with experts at every post. Our server and her assistants were on point.

Doesn't a great customer service experience make your purchase that much more enjoyable? I know it's sad to say, but with the labor shortage, everyone is stretched thin, and customer service has been given a back seat during this ride. Just step into any national retailer right now, there are two people doing the job of five.

Leadership and happy employees breed success. So, with that being said, I turn it over to you, Deb Oberlander, who nominated Caraluzzi's Markets in Bethel, Wilton, and Newtown as the best customer service in Greater Danbury. Beth Cairone thinks that Stew Leonard's in Danbury also should be mentioned among the best. Mary Wallin on the other hand thinks that Ingersoll Auto of Danbury does customer service right, and Jon Shoepp think that Service Stars is the tops.

My favorite comment though was from Alexander Gray, who nominated Elan's, although they've closed. Good call Alexander.

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