Governor Ned Lamont joined Mayor Mark Boughton along with a few others at a press conference today held at City Hall in Danbury to talk about the recent spike in COVID-19 cases that our city has experienced.

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The Governor went on to talk about how Connecticut has continued at about a 1 percent infection rate, but Danbury had a 6-7 percent uptick, which is why we need to continue to stay cautious. Governor Lamont continued to say that, thankfully, the spread hasn't gone further than Danbury, and they will continue to prioritize Danbury to get quick results back for COVID testing, so that the virus does not spread further.

One point that both Governor Lamont and Mayor Mark said, was that the spread has  additionally been amongst younger people. The parties on Candlewood Lake that young adults continue to have, can be a direct correlation with the spread of the virus. It was announced that Lattin's Cove Boat Launch on Candlewood Lake will be closing for now, to hopefully stop multiple people from having these parties, as well as "Uber boats" that shuttle 100+ kids.

House Chair of the Energy Committee, David Arconti, spoke about how there was a noticeable uptick in COVID cases within neighborhoods that were without power the longest, due to Tropical Storm Isaias. Mayor Mark Boughton followed up by saying that when Danbury lost power, you can see on the map, that the spread of the virus expanded in those areas where power was lost for an extended period of time.

Lamont mentioned that he was impressed with the track and trace Danbury has done to see where the virus spread was coming from. He mentioned that this is "not a time to panic, but a time to be cautious" and he concluded the press conference by making a joke to Mayor Mark saying, "you better answer your phone, it may be John Oliver on the phone".

To watch the full press conference, you can view it below:

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