Chef Dritan Hodza had an unforgettable day when the hungry former President Bill Clinton walked through the door at Papa Al's Pizzeria in Newtown on Sunday, July 30, according to Newtown's Daily Voice.

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Accompanied by his security detail, he picked up a couple of slices and garlic knots. Chef Hodza said it was a quick stop for the former Prez, who was all smiles while chatting up the Chef.

Papa Al's FB Page...
Papa Al's FB Page...

Chef Hodza told the Daily Voice he asked how the business was doing and, was super friendly to everyone in the pizzeria, and took time to take photos with the crew. Hodza said he was nice and added, "He can come back anytime."

You gotta wonder what kind of slices the former Prez ordered. I think he went with two plain slices. What do you think? Did he gobble them down as his security detail drove away, or was he saving the two slices and the garlic knots for a romantic rendezvous with Hillary when he arrived home in Chappaqua?

How about a couple of fun facts about our 42nd President, William Jefferson Clinton, according to an article in

  • He was a great student and musician. Bill was a saxophone player in his high school band and attended music summer camp in the Ozarks. Upon high school graduation, he received both music and academic scholarships.
  • While his mother was in school in Louisiana studying to become a nurse anesthetist, his grandparents raised him.
  • Clinton is also a Grammy winner. In 2004, he won for Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf/Beintus: Wolf Tracks. The next year, he won a Grammy for a reading of My Life, his autobiography.
  • Even though President Clinton was impeached while president, he led the country during one of its longest periods of prosperity and peace from 1993-2001.

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