Happy Feline Friday! It is Groundhog Day and if you are a cat person, like meow, then after you check in to see what the sleepy furry guy has predicted, you will need a feline fix.

You came to the right place. Every week, I scour the internet in search of a video that will help you start your weekend off the right way, with a kitty, of course. The great thing is that I don't think that I will ever run out of material. It seems as though the internet was invented for a place to store cat videos.

This week, I thought we should focus on winter since, when you think about it, no matter what the groundhog says, there is six weeks of winter left on the calendar.

Find your kitty blankie, get the catnip and cuddle up with your furry purring significant other(s) and watch how this cat reacts to a snowy day. Happy Feline Friday, Happy Caturday, Happy Weekend!

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