On Friday (April 7), the Chainsmokers released their debut album, Memories ... Do Not Open -- a project that includes a collaboration with country duo Florida Georgia Line. For FGL, recording with the pop / DJ duo was an opportunity they'd been dreaming about.

"We literally were in an interview, and they said, ‘Who would you like to collaborate with?’ and for the first time, BK said, ‘Well, the Chainsmokers would be cool,'" Hubbard tells The Boot. "In my head, I was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s something we’ve never really talked about, but that would be cool.’ And the next thing you know, a week and a half later, we get the phone call.

"So, it’s just funny how, we really did feel like it was 'a God thing' and it was meant to be," Hubbard continues. "It’s going to be cool. Those guys are amazing dudes, and the friendships we’ve already built, it’s been really cool. So, we’ll see what happens. I think it’s going to be a fun musical journey together."

Florida Georgia Line and the Chainsmokers' collaboration, "Last Day Alive," is the final track on Memories ... Do Not Open. FGL describe the song as "emotional" and "a little bit dark" -- but, Kelley adds, "I think it’s a hopeful song."

"I think people are going to jam their freakin’ faces off. It’s a positive song, but it’s emotional at the same time," Kelley notes. "I think it really sounds like if FGL and the Chainsmokers did a collaboration, that’s what you get."

Florida Georgia Line are one of several acts appearing on Memories ... Do Not Open, including Coldplay, Emily Warren, Louane and Jhene Aiko. Although FGL were invited at the last minute, they worked hard to deliver the song on time.

"They had a really quick turnaround deadline. We went in the studio the next day," Hubbard recalls. "We were in the studio all day and all night, until three the next morning. We turned it around in about two days, which really doesn’t happen for us that often. It was a meant-to-be thing, it really was."

He continues, "We’re really excited about it, actually. It was really fun, learning and growing and pushing ourselves both vocally and with different parts and harmonies that we’ve never sung before. It’s going to sound cool."

Florida Georgia Line certainly aren't strangers to collaborating with artists from other genres: The guys invited the Backstreet Boys to appear with them on “God, Your Mama and Me,” from their 2016 album Dig Your Roots, and are touring with rapper Nelly and country artist Chris Lane this summer. The Backstreet Boys will join the trek for select stadium dates.

Memories ... Do Not Open is available for on Amazon and iTunes.

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