What a wild New England Winter. Bitter cold has numerous bodies of water jammed up. Are towns prepared for when it all lets loose?

You've possibly seen the New Milford ice jam in person. At the very least you've seen coverage of it via news outlets and drone coverage too. You can even take a view here.

Question is though, is there a plan for a flooding issue when the ice melts?

According to newstimes.com there is. New Milford Mayor Pete Bass recently laid out a plan for the town if the ice jam breaks in Kent and causes flooding down river on the Housatonic. At a recent Town Council meeting Bass addressed the issue and added that New Milford's fire chiefs, police chief and the emergency preparedness team have met and the town is ready.

Residents can also rest a bit more easy with the knowledge that there is a traffic plan in place, and they will be able to go to shelters at the Maxx or Sarah Noble Intermediate School where there are generators if there is flooding. Residents and business owners alike should are also encouraged to sign up for alerts to help them stay safe and informed. You can do that via the New Milford Police Department's website at newmilfordpolice.org

Stay safe people. As we all know, weather is unpredictable, and Connecticut is experiencing quite a bit of ice jams this season. Hopefully the one on the Housatonic in Kent will melt slow and steady.

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