She knew the minute all the votes were counted that her life was going to get a lot busier, and this week she's making her first trip as First Lady to Connecticut.

So just why is the First Lady coming to the Nutmeg state? According to multiple sources including, it may have something to do with former Meriden teacher and principal Miguel Cardona who is expected to be confirmed as the new U.S. Secretary of Education. The Senate votes on his confirmation today.

A news release sent out by the White House late last week just said that the First Lady would be traveling to Meriden on Wednesday March 3.

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No matter what the reason for the visit is, Meriden Mayor Kevin Scarpati is ready to welcome her with open arms.

On behalf of the City of Meriden, we are thrilled to host First Lady Jill Biden on Wednesday, March 3. We are honored in welcoming Dr. Biden into our diverse and inclusive community. We look forward to her visit.

There is a connection between the First Lady and Miguel Cardona, they both have PhDs and both have spent their entire careers in public education.

It's been a whirlwind so far for Jill Biden, but she's no stranger to the spotlight after spending eight years as the 2nd Lady when her husband Joe was the Vice President. After being out on the campaign trail for the last two years with Joe, she's now getting acclimated in her role as First Lady, and here's some pictures to prove it:

First Lady Jill Biden

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